Monday, March 27, 2017

Trying Something New On Monday

Alright, so if you have been following what I do, (or even care) I have been posting new products every Monday mostly consisting of mini canvases that I have painted myself and so far, I’d give myself a solid A- on keeping up with that. But starting today, I’m going to do something a little different.

I still am going to post new products and all that , but I will also try and post new sketches and/or drawings. I’m seeing how everyone is doing the Daily Draw challenge and with folks like Dan Flores spreading the #getyourweightup bug, I’ve been felling well..... sheepish to say the least. And aside from my new products, I really haven’t been posing much lately so I’m going to trying my darnest to change that!

On the upside, I am trying to flesh out my concept on my Happy Bears along with two other things that I would love to come to life, but GOD! Having crippling self-doubt, being out of practice, and overall having lack of confidence in my work is such a PAIN!! But it would be nice to find other artist to bounce off of (I think I may have found two at the place that I work but one is leaving and I rarely get to see the other one) and not listen to the ‘advice’ of someone can’t even draw anything outside of a bowl of oranges. -_-

So while I’m here in DC, I’ll try and find art meet-ups (free or at least reasonably priced) and try to make new friends and just try to improve my art over all!

In the meantime, come and check out what I have so far!

Thank you!

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