Mission Statement

My Mission Statement as an Animator and Illustrator

Artistic Needs 

Hello! My name is Ashley Williams and I am a freelance animator and illustrator. I am here for all of you artistic needs, such as character design, background design, business card design, illustration for children's books, and of course, 2-D animation.

If you have an idea for an animation or a story book, I am the person that will bring your ideas to life!


When I am commissioned for an animation or an illustration of any kind, I promise to submit the finished product in a timely fashion and in the highest quality. And if I run into any problems at all that may jeopardize my chances on meeting our agreed dead line, I will see to it that I either call or e-mail you to let you know in advance.

My Passion
The reason why I am an an animator is because I firmly believe that animation is the ultimate art form.


Well, if you really think about it, animation is really every other art form combined into one. You have acting, drama, music, illustration, painting, the art of storytelling, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, photography, color, landscaping, culinary arts (the characters have to eat, you know) web design for promoting your animation, and video game design if an animated TV series or movie calls for it.

And one of perks is that when an animation is done right, it is more likely to leave an impact on whoever was fortunate enough to view it. May it be funny, dramatic, thought provoking, beautiful, or something that was so powerful that you can't help be be moved to tears. And it is always a treat for children, teens, and adults.

But sadly, I have only seen this coming from other countries around the world. But here in the United States, I see a trend where the majority of the animation focuses on making something funny, cutesy, and silly which often times only results in nothing more than animated noise created only to keep a bunch of kids under the age of eight quiet and glued to the screen while the adults go off and do other things for about 5 hours.

And to add insult to injury, I have read a lot of critiques on recent animated films where it says something along the lines of, "The kids will like this movie okay, but the parents may find this painful to sit through."

And that's what I don't want to do!

My Mission

I want to be able to create something, may it be animation or illustration, that will actually have a meaning. I want to create something that will have an impacts on the lives of all audiences, both young and old. I don't want to want to just create colorful, animated noise that will only serve as a pacifier for fussy children. What I want is to create animation that can be interesting, weird, funny, outside the box, creative, perhaps controversial, and above all, will leave an impact on someone in hopes of inspiring thing to create something better!

I want to tell stories that both children and adults will be able to enjoy together and, in the long run, have a big influence in the lives of children.

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